Stella Chadwick Brain Storm Health

Building a better future for your child

Stella Chadwick founded Brainstorm Health® to improve the wellbeing of children with Autism, ADHD, PANS / PANDAS, and other neurological issues.


Her unique programme can help build up your child’s health for a better, brighter future.


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Stella Chadwick Brain Storm Health

Our Programme

Our unique nutritional therapy approach underpinned by functional medicine principles. Tried and tested with more than 1500 families.
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Nutritional Therapy

We assess & identify nutritional imbalances to better understand what is contributing to an individual child’s heath concerns. We help your child to reach their optimal health.
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Biomedical Testing

Our specialised tests help to evaluate genetic predisposition & functional reserve. The results provide information on a range of bodily functions, as well as hormones and toxic load.
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How We Work

Understand what you can expect when you work with our team. Our goal is to change the outcome for your child & requires commitment from your family to make the changes needed.
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